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Johnny Depp gets Bieber fever at concert

Johnny Depp at Justin Beiber ConcertJohnny Depp, star of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise as well as many other Hollywood hit movies, was recently spotted lurking backstage at a Justin Bieber concert in Miami.

Whilst this may seem surprising in itself, Depp actually attended dressed as his character in the Pirates hit movies, Captain Jack Sparrow.

Depp, aged forty seven, took his two kids along with him, and they were said to be hanging out backstage before the show started. Prior to performing his last song Bieber, the teen singing sensation, asked his audience: “What do you think Johnny Depp would want me to play?"

According to reports one source stated: "Depp was in his Sparrow gear and called Justin a 'good chap,' like he was still in character. Depp brought his two kids and they hung out for a while before the show."

Johnny Depp, who has also starred in many other hit movies ranging from Nightmare on Elm Street in the 1980s and Edward Scissorhands in the 1990s to his latest movie with Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, The Tourist, also arranged for his two children Lily-Rose and Jack to meet the singer – something that many of his child fans would give their right arm for!

Depp is said to be working on a number of projects at the moment, and had taken a break from the filming of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie when he attended the concert. He is also said to be making a documentary about the Rolling Stones' guitarist, Keith Richards.