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Building Alaska is a show about cabin construction in the woods and the mountains of the northernmost state. The episodes are 30 minutes long and feature a different phase of construction each time. The program follows the builders over a 5 month span, documenting everything from demolition to finish work, plumbing and electrical.

The first season follows hunting guide Bob May, his son and a team of professionals as they plan, develop and build the dream hunting lodge. Placed in the middle of an island in southern Alaska, the setting and environment is breathtaking and the animal-life troublesome at times. Many mishaps and challenges face the guys throughout the project.

The second season began on January 5, 2014 and follows the construction of three different cabins scattered throughout the backwoods of Alaska. Professional builders Lee Raymond, Jim Wagner and Chuck Gerwig lead their crews against the challenges of the Alaskan frontier.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on DIY Network
8 Seasons, 75 Episodes
November 11, 2012
Documentary & Biography, Science & Technology
Cast: Dan Sheedy
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Building Alaska Full Episode Guide

  • As the final days of their builds approach, the builders work to complete their cabins. Jeff Erickson helicopters in the remaining furniture for his cabin, Chris Sewell's team works hard through the night to get the interior floors installed at Judd Lake and Chappie's team pushes themselves to finish the cabin's ladders, kitchen and master bedroom at East Butterfly Lake.

  • As winter barrels down on Alaska, the builders scramble to complete their heating systems. Chappie must climb an extremely tall ladder to cut a hole in his roof, Jeff and his friend Andy build a hearth and Chris fixes a leak in his chimney so he can complete work indoors.

  • Chris gets some much needed help from family to work on his interior, a floatplane with engine problems brings Chappie's build site to a standstill and Jeff makes a critical error while building the water tank system for his cabin.

  • Jeff struggles with his front deck, Chappie's team finds a major error while building the exterior insulation and Chris Sewell runs out of building materials.

  • Chappie's team struggles to lift 600-pound rafters onto the cabin's roof. Then, Chris works on drying in his cabin while Jeff begins installing his cabin's windows.

  • Chappie Cook's team runs into bears and sinking boats while hauling scaffolding materials, Jeff Erickson carefully begins to construct his slippery roof and Chris Sewell works tirelessly to install all the timber walls of his cabin.

  • A SkyCrane helicopter delivers a whopping 17,000 pounds of materials for Chris Sewell's cabin kit, Jeff Erickson fights the pouring rain and cold temperatures to stay on schedule and Chappie Cook's crew struggles to lift 20-foot balloon walls without heavy equipment.

  • A new season of builders brave the Alaskan elements to construct off-the-grid cabins. Jeff Erickson takes on a challenging cliffside build, Chappie Cook's team struggles to get materials to the site without roads and first-time builder Chris Sewell faces some harsh realities about his foundation.

  • It's the end of the road for the three builders and their teams of helpful friends, family and handymen.

  • At Bruce Chambers' build on LaTouche Island, rain has put everything on hold and the crew struggles to keep things dry. At Mark Sam's build on Chichagof Island, tensions run high on Rich's last day making the team uneasy. At Dave Poppert's build near Point MacKenzie, he and his crew rush to make up for lost time and work to get the trusses up and windows installed.

  • At Bruce Chambers' build on LaTouche Island, the team comes dangerously close to wreckage as they install a 1,000 pound ridge beam.

  • The three teams continue their builds in unique, remote Alaskan settings. At Bruce Chambers' build on LaTouche Island, the team wrestles giant glulam beams into place and the situation turns disastrous after a poorly cut beam pushes out an entire wall. At Mark Sams' build on Chichagof Island, things get scary when the guys lose control of a 700-pound ridge beam. At Dave Poppert's build near Point MacKenzie, his lumber mill takes a hit after an order gets cancelled and reduces funds for his dream retirement home.

  • Bruce assembles log walls, but continues to find the process hard; Mark withstands a driving rainstorm; and Dave scurries to get the roof up before snow comes.

  • The three build teams continue their builds in unique, remote Alaskan settings. At Bruce Chambers' build site on LaTouche Island, their worst nightmare becomes a reality when their backup generator dies. On Mark Sams' build in Freshwater Bay, near Hoonah, one of his crew is missing, and Mark hopes for the best. Dave Poppert is rolling solo despite the risks of building alone off the grid at Point MacKenzie, near Wasilla.

  • Bruce runs out of provisions and his construction comes to a halt; Mark confronts a challenge in keeping their foundation level and square; and Dave deals with scorching heat.

  • The three build teams kick off their builds and each faces unique challenges while building in the remote Alaskan wilderness. Bruce Chambers and his crew begin building a cabin on LaTouche Island, while Mark Sams and his team begin building a cabin in Freshwater Bay. Then, Dave Poppert and his family begin building a family home on Point MacKenzie.

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