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Car Science

Car Science is a reality television show which approaches the world of cars with science. This is an understandable version of the science behind automobiles. Every year cars become more and more sophisticated machines. Most systems in cars are now controlled by computers. This show looks at the science which is increasingly used in cars.

Reality shows take viewers into the real world for a different experience than their own lives. This show takes viewers into the world of car technology for a peek at how the science of technology works to make cars operate. The viewer is given a true inside look.

1 Season, 10 Episodes
February 23, 2011
Cast: George Gray, Pete Freeland
Car Science

Car Science Full Episode Guide

  • In this episode, we revisit the craziest and most outrageous Car Science experiments of the season! We will revisit the ultimate car crash, explain the flaming burnout, analyze a car bomb and break down the science behind invisible fire.

  • Fire up a fighter jet engine to see if you can heat a car up until it explodes; busting out the perfect burnout; take a stock mom mobile and see if stripping it down can turn it into a drag racing demon!

  • We examine the art of taking a corner the fastest and most efficiently, we count down the top 5 best muscle cars of all time, we learn how to reverse 360 with stunt guru Rick Seaman and we jump into the world of exotic car interiors.

  • Taking a corner fast and efficiently; the top five muscle cars of all time; stunt man engineers a reverse 360; exotic auto interiors.

  • Making a low rider bounce; escaping a carjacker; eating and driving; the ultimate burnout.

  • Testing a family car's power to weight ratio; firing a .44 magnum at a car's engine; driving over eggs; the five 'bling-iest' rides.

  • In this episode of Car Science, we find out if a steel plate under your Caddy really can save you from a car bomb. We put two different types of jet cars against each other and we count down the top 5 gas guzzlers of 2011.

  • Car Science takes on the science behind a Hollywood car crash stunt and puts a driver against a competitive eater to see who can destroy the most donuts.

  • The perfect smoking tire donut; how one's body shape can improve one's chances when hitch hiking; America's best road kill places; the science of 'stopping on a dime.'

  • Learn how to do the perfect car jump. Convertibles are tested to see which has the least turbulence. Find out if shooting at a gas tank will really make the car blow up?