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Garage Squad is a reality television series that was released in 2014. Garage Squad involves a team of crack mechanics who find persons who are hoping to fix up a classic car, but are struggling to accomplish it. They take the cars to their shop, and then turn them from beat up old wreckers into cars that are in perfect condition. The team does this while the owner of the car is out of their house, and do it as a kind of present for the owner on behalf of their friends and family. They also do it with the knowledge of the owner in some cases, and help them to overcome the problems of not having enough money or time to fix up the car. They also explain the restoration process, and talk about the pedigree of the car while going through the process of restoring the car.

Garage Squad is co-hosted by Lauren Bohlander and Bruno Massel. The mechanics are Scott Ericson, Ron Gregurich, and Cy Kellogg. The lead mechanic for Garage Squad is Joe Zolper.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on VELOCITY
4 Seasons, 44 Episodes
August 1, 2014
Automotive, Reality
Cast: Ron Gregurich, Cy Kellogg, Bruno Massel, Joe Zolper
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Garage Squad Full Episode Guide

  • This 1967 Nova nostalgia funny car has been lost in mechanical limbo for over 4 years; as a memorial to the owner's late father, the Garage Squad tries to help him achieve his dream of taking it down the track.

  • After an American hero loses his battle with PTSD, the Squad teams up with his father to restore the 1968 Chevrolet Malibu his son bought on eBay.

  • The Squad tries to resurrect a Mustang for the owner's wife while also struggling to get a GTO street legal.

  • After a terrible tragedy, getting a 1967 4x4 outside and into the mud means a lot to a family.

  • Once a quarter-mile drag racer, a 1968 Pontiac GTO that has been sitting in a garage for over two decades is prepared for a second act as a family cruiser.

  • After a devastating engine fire and the onset of some serious health issues, the owner of this 1966 Fairlane dreams of having this beauty rumble back to life.

  • A race against time to take a shell of a 1970 Duster and get it ready to be the VIP at the owners upcoming wedding.

  • After sitting in a barn for 47 years, a farm family tries to save their grandfather's cherished 1950 Ford F3.

  • In the Season 4 premiere, a Chevy Tri-Five that's been in the family for decades hasn't moved in 17 years. Two brothers join the squad to try and get this four-wheel family member back on the road.

  • The owner of a 1963 Split Window Corvette attends dozens of swap meets searching for the parts needed to rebuild his car.

  • The Garage Squad revisits the golden age of drag racing with a 1956 Chevrolet gasser.

  • The new owner of a 1965 Chevy Impala scraps plans to restore the vehicle to its former glory due to a shortage of time and money.

  • The owner of a 1963 Lincoln Continental convertible realizes that he's in way over his head when it comes to maintaining the classic vehicle.

  • A battered 1993 GMC Typhoon is saved from some crooked mechanics and its turbocharged bite is restored.

  • A Ford truck gets dragged out of the corn crib and back on the road. A 1956 Ford pickup is currently stored in a corn crib and if things don't change, that's where she's going to stay. The question is, how much life is left in the old girl?

  • After years up on blocks, a Bee gets buzzing again.A 1969 Dodge Super Bee has been in storage for a couple of decades. Some recent tinkering has made things go from bad to worse.

  • Good ol' American ingenuity is needed to fix this German original.A 1963 Porsche 356 has been a stone-cold classic since the day it rolled off the lot. But after being parked for years, it's lost its edge and needs more love than its owner has to give.

  • This Charger has been a family staple for decades but it's fighting the Garage Squad every step of the way. A 1969 Dodge Charger has been in the owner's family since it rolled off the lot. But time and storage have taken their toll on this once-proud car

  • Restoring a Grand National takes a hard left turn.A 1987 Grand National owned the road in the 1980's, but has fallen on hard times. After her owner got swindled by repairs that didn't stick, all she has now is gathering dust.

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