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High Tech Rednecks

The television show High Tech Rednecks, is a documentary series that is focused on the extensive builds and outrageous antics of the crew at the popular and well-known Critter Gitters Hunting Company. The company owner, Bob Woodcock, as well as his inventive crew of backwoods mechanics, are shown building and modifying never before seen vehicles and various other projects.

In each episode, viewers will see them work on building a new project or modifying something ordinary into something extraordinary, using their own unusual methods. In these episodes you will see them put various things on vehicles like a lift kit, various weapons, hot tubs, and even a firemans pole.

Friday 8:00 PM et/pt on MavTV
2 Seasons, 11 Episodes
August 2, 2013
Action & Adventure, Automotive, Family, Reality, Talk & Interview
Cast: Jamie Carr
High Tech Rednecks

High Tech Rednecks Full Episode Guide

  • Bob lands a new client looking for a rebuild of out his SUV, to use for hunting and riding around the ranch. The Critter Gitter crew is given just two weeks to transform the ordinary SUV into a rough and tumble safari vehicle that's also safe enough to pack a flock of rambunctious grandkids in the back. What starts out as a simple job turns into a disaster when a series of delays and mishaps derail the build.

  • A Texas rancher hires Bob and his team to build a massive hunting rig. Building the Critter Gitter will be challenging as they put it all on the line to deliver it ASAP.

  • A decommissioned military vehicle is transformed into a survival rig for a client who's short on money, which leaves Bob wondering if he should even finish the build.

  • Bob and the guys will be taking a decommissioned ARMY transport vehicle and turning it into a badass, apocalypse-ready rig. Massive fuel tanks? Check. Room for a family? You betchya. Want to kill zombies? Well, you can do that too. The only problem for Bob?

  • Texas has a pig problem! Millions of feral hogs are on the loose, feasting on farmers' crops, and harming anybody unlucky enough to get in their way. For rice farmers like Scott Peacock, hoards of pigs represent huge financial losses when they devour the crops in his fields, and leave only the barren soil behind.

  • A customer who has invested more than $500,000 in the past with Bob now wants to convert a military truck into a nightclub on wheels.

  • Bob needs to transform a pickup truck into a hunting vehicle for a rancher in South Texas in only four weeks.

  • A former client calls Bob with some bad news; one of Bob's favorite builds - a badass Jeep, rock crawler upgrade - has been rear ended beyond repair. Meanwhile, Bob's friend Andy needs his beat-up Bronco revamped and decked out for one of the biggest mud festivals in Texas, General Sam's Mardi Gras in the Mud.

  • League City, Texas is home to Bob Woodcock and his merry band of redneck mechanics - makers of the biggest and most badass off-road vehicles in North America.