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Outrageous Acts of Science is an exciting and informative show produced by the Science Channel. Also known under the title You Have Been Warned in the UK, each episode is a top 20 countdown of popular internet videos involving the various antics seen in current viral videos.

Each video is dissected by a wide variety of experienced and qualified experts. Together, their academic qualifications range from biologists to engineers to mathematicians. During each video, several experts will explain every scientific aspect of the video, in way that is informative and easy to digest for the layman.

The show manages to bring a deeper meaning to the viral videos we see daily. These single serving clips are often seen, spread, and forgotten. Outrageous Acts of Science will help guide the viewer to take a second look, and gain an intricate understanding of not only these videos, but of the science behind the world around us.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on Science Channel
9 Seasons, 101 Episodes
April 20, 2013
Action & Adventure, Drama, Family
Cast: Helen Arney, Debbie Berebichez, Tim Dadabo, Hakeem Oluseyi
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Outrageous Acts Of Science Full Episode Guide

  • We're counting down the craziest videos that leave our minds blown. We'll see a double sunset, tattoos that play sound, and a rope climbing moped.

  • Garage innovators who are taking things to the next level. Included: using fire to charge cell phones; turning garbage into boats; and creating the world's fastest electric dragster.

  • People using science to master mayhem. Included: epic railguns; punching robots; and ng bowling ball launchers.

  • People who live to wield power. Included: dropping giant knives from cranes; taking aim at explosive-packed refrigerators; and skydiving from a drone.

  • Heroes who use science to win the day are featured. Included: the world's longest manual riding a skateboard; people pulling cars with their teeth; and a person skiing behind a super car.

  • A countdown of epic fails. Included: a crash at 300 mph; a person freak-out in virtual reality; and a jetpack that goes catastrophically wrong.

  • We're hunting down Mother Nature's most amazing moments. We'll witness a man eaten alive by leaches, a rainbow at night, and a man who pulls a car with his eye sockets! These are the weirdest, wildest, and wackiest natural born thrillers.

  • We're counting down the top twenty internet legends. The smartest, brightest, and bravest people who use their science know-how to thrill. We'll see how to light matches with bullets, walk the world's longest highline, and kayak in the snow!

  • We're turning the spotlight on independent inventors who create astonishing inventions in their backyards. We'll see a precision drone-catcher transform into a vacuum-powered railway and a homemade tank become a hot air balloon.

  • A look at see-through animals, algae-powered motorcycles, and a human-sized chicken.

  • A countdown of the most dangerous clips on the Web. Included: explosive artwork; underwater sword swallowing; and a jumbo jet pulled by just one man.

  • We're counting down just how far we can push the human body to it limits. Our experts test homemade gas masks and create music from blood. These are the most extreme body experiments on the web.

  • Spotlighting Internet legends who turn fails into wins. Included: excruciating face-masks; helicopter stunts with Bob Burnquist; and astonishing snowmobile stunts.

  • We're breaking new ground with the internet's most astonishing trend setters. We'll see everything from the world's first mountain bike on skis to a real-life Iron Man suit. These front runners leave all things ordinary in the rear-view mirror.

  • We're bending minds with the freakiest clips on the web. We'll watch a man eat a red hot coal, a robot solve a Rubik's Cube in a second, and a freaky creature with a glowing beak.

  • Our experts have an all-access pass to the most innovative people on the web. Celebrate the people that turn creative ideas into reality, from cardboard boats to jet ski powered water bikes. If there is a new way of doing it, these VIPs will be first.

  • We're counting down highly skilled show-offs, people who claim their epic skills give them serious bragging rights. These super-skilled individuals blow our minds with tandem unicycles, high altitude dinner parties, and archery with a twist.

  • We're counting down all things carnage! We will see everything from the world's biggest firework to a watermelon-destroying vacuum cannon to a giant fire tornado. One thing is for certain; these individuals have a genius for anarchy and chaos.

  • Backyard inventors who are creating the ultimate life hacks are featured. Included: turning a bike into a car; making a fire extinguisher from soda; and turning a jet ski into a Jetovator.

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