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This series takes viewers behind the scenes in the automotive industry to show how auto companies are becoming more environmentally friendly. The viewer will get to see new green technology and some new ideas for green transportation of the future.

Saturday 2:30 AM et/pt on NBCSN
2 Seasons, 36 Episodes
February 5, 2013

Translogic Full Episode Guide

  • A century-old automaker remains on the cutting edge. We tour Ford's Silicon Valley research center with CEO Mark Fields, see the future of parking, and experience some innovative ways.

  • Gear up for some high-tech track days. Audi shows off their autonomous RS7, Lamborghini unleashes a hurricane on Ascari Raceway, and a state-of-the-art simulator improves drivers real-life lap times.

  • Get hit with an electric shock to your system. A classic conversion takes to the streets in Southern California, a few two-wheelers roll through Portland, and a flat-out speed demon delivers thrills in Austin.

  • A look at the DeLorean Motor Company features John DeLorean's stainless steel '80s icon and the electric future of the company.

  • Opener in a series that travels the world exploring automotive technologies, green solutions and unique transportation concepts.