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Treasure Quest

In this reality series, an team of American salvage operators search the ocean depths in hopes of finding shipwrecks laden with treasure. More often than not, they come up empty-handed, and when they do find something of value, they must maneuver to hide their finds from competing salvagers and hope that authorities don't intervene to return the treasure to its rightful owners. The series debuted on the Discovery cable network in 2009.

Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
1 Season, 11 Episodes
January 15, 2009
Cast: Rob Naughton

Treasure Quest Full Episode Guide

  • The Odyssey team has their eye on one last wreck before the winter weather makes it impossible to find.

  • Odyssey discovers a cargo ship on the seabed which may have contained a shipment of rare and valuable wine.

  • Odyssey finds the location of one of the most famous U-boats in history, U103.

  • The Odyssey is on the hunt for a 19th-century English paddlewheeler, code-named Malta.

  • The crew probes the USS Lusitania and a cause of a second explosion which would have sank the ship.

  • The Odyssey team heads to the English Channel where they explore some of the most dangerous wreck site. Odyssey's ROV technology unearths new clues that will help U-boat expert Dr. Axel Niestle piece together the stories of four U-boats and their final voyages.

  • The newest hunt finds the crew searching a sunken WWI tanker, a German U-boat and a wreck which is filled with lead ingots.

  • The crew make an attempt to recover a massive bronze cannon at the Legend site where dozens were found.

  • The crew uses unusual measures to protect a find from a promising shipwreck code-named "Legend," a find which they believe may change history.

  • During a search for a Merchant Royal shipwreck, the crew discovers a bronze bell and a small cannon.

  • A vessel lost in the English Channel back in the 17th century may be the vehicle in which this found treasure was on board.

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