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Wrecked also known as Life In The Crash Lane, is an American television series that falls into the genre of reality TV. This new reality television series has been aired on both the Speed channel and the National Geographic channel, and it is narrated by both Geoff Proud and David Bryson. It star's many well known men and women such as Bill Gratziama, Marci Gratziama, Joey Gratziama, Mike Trykoski, and David Lee. This television show was directed by Jennifer Holbach, and it was produced by many outstanding producers such as Charlie DeBevoise, Robert Ecker, Mark Hickman, Jennifer Holbach, M. Blaine Hopkins, Mylene Santiano, and Vaishali Singh.

This television series is mainly focused around the O'Hares Towing company located in Chicago, IL. The O'Hares towing company is owned and operated by both Bill Gratziama and his wife Marci Gratziama, who are also two of the main people featured in the show. Wrecked gives an in depth look at what it takes to run and operate a successful towing company, as well as the people they must come face to face with, the daily tasks they must tackle, and the close calls that seem to strike at random. They use 25 to 60 ton heavy duty tow trucks in order to recover vehicles such as over turned semi truck trailers, large vehicles, and all in the worst possible weather conditions imaginable. Viewers will hear stories never told about towing companies, real life experiences, and witness the dangerous situations that they face on a regular basis.

2 Seasons, 40 Episodes
July 17, 2008
Automotive, Reality
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Wrecked (2008) Full Episode Guide

  • The season finale counts down to the most treacherous, danger packed recoveries that O'Hare Towing has faced. Only on SPEED.

  • The Gratziannas discuss the worst wrecks of the past season. Only on SPEED.

  • Spring finally comes to Chicago, and the warm weather means muddy terrain. Bill and the boys take on a machine load shift, while Tryke tackles a dump truck. Only on SPEED.

  • It's Friday the 13th, and O'Hare's haunted by freak occurrences. Two calls come in simultaneously, and Marci's birthday celebration is interrupted by a shocking disturbance.

  • Bill and Marci go out of town and leave sister Jane in charge of O'Hare.

  • Every year, O'Hare breaks in a class of rookie drivers. They're put to the test right away, as Bill leads them to a roll over in a freight yard, and later they square off in a towing skills competition.

  • An overseas container is blown over on the side of the highway, a 40-ton crane sinks into a deep muddy sinkhole, and a 5-ton semi is stuck in the soft thawing ground.

  • A roof cave in leaves a car trapped inside a garage; an expensive sports car is carefully transported and several cars are winched out of muddy driveways.

  • A two-car collision leaves one buried in the snow; two trucks are stuck on an icy slope and a pickup plunges into a river. Only on SPEED.

  • On this episode of Wrecked, a semi is stuck under a bridge after a wheel breaks, a box truck has a head-on collision and three burned cars are towed. Only on SPEED.

  • A truck breaks down on a bridge, a fuel tanker starts to smoke and leak in mid-transport, a semi plows over an electrical light post, a semi crashes into a wall on the highway and a 200,000 pound crane breaks down on a city street. Only on SPEED.

  • Dispatch gets into a frenzy as slick roads cause a five car pile-up and a jackknifed tractor trailer blocks an off ramp, while all the drivers are out on calls for dead vehicles.

  • On this episode of Wrecked, a 40 ton rig slides over into a ditch, an SUV rolls off the highway and Jay, Keith, Don and TJ winch out victims of the storm.

  • On this episode of Wrecked, a tractor trailer loses control and rolls over an on-ramp; an overseas container slides down a slick road and rolls over at an intersection and Bill leaves town leaving Marci to man the shop.

  • On this episode of Wrecked, a container truck full of cardboard tips over on the highway; Tony and Jay break Tryk's truck and a semi gets stuck in a loading dock. Only on SPEED.

  • On this episode of Wrecked, two tractor trailers collide head on; a vehicle slides straight into a ditch, and a Honda sedan slides off the road into a neighbor's yard.

  • On this episode of Wrecked, a tractor trailer loses control and rolls over an on-ramp and an overseas container slides down a slick road and rolls over at an intersection. Only on SPEED.

  • On this episode of Wrecked, a livestock truck carrying 150 hogs collides head on with a pick up truck.

  • On this episode of Wrecked, a fuel tanker gets stuck on an interstate ramp and a semi skids off the highway landing sideways into a ditch ruining the crew's Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Bill and Marci pay their respects as the operators who have sacrificed their lives are commemorated in a moving ceremony.

  • Mayhem hits the highways of Chicago, as the O'Hare team battles through a rainy night to complete their toughest recovery of the year. Only on SPEED.

  • O'Hare Towing moves to a new location, but a complication with the phone system could threaten the business. Only on SPEED.

  • The O'Hare team prepares for the annual Illinois Tow Show, where drivers compete for the title of best wrecker in the state. Only on SPEED. Wrecked, wrecked, cars, speed, speedtv.com, video, trucks, speedx, speed x, engine block, chicago, towing, wrecker, deadliest catch.

  • The O'Hare crew heads to a railroad bridge where a trailer is wedged in tight. Jamison tells the tragic story of his parents' roadside deaths, and Bill takes his daughters out for a spin with a 60,000 Rotator and an overturned school bus.

  • Joey frees a stranded semi, then heads back the shop to help Bill teach a course on running a heavy-duty wrecker. School's in, until the Gratzianna brothers hit a snag.

  • Bill cuts his arm on broken glass and heads right back into the field to tackle an overturned glass truck. Tryke returns to the stretch of road that almost killed him.

  • A truck slams into the roof of a viaduct and nearly tips over, Tryke rescues a forklift, a tractor trailer gets bent out of shape and Bill can't handle it when Marci leaves town.

  • A bobcat flips into a muddy ditch, a motor home smashes to bits, a massive semi takes out a guardrail, and Bill and Joey compete to see who can lose the most weight.

  • Joey's searching for a big wreck, but he's beaten to the punch until a boat founders in Lake Michigan and it's game on.

  • A tractor trailer takes a hard turn and falls to pieces, a truck gets stuck in the mud, Bill lets off some steam by crushing cars and a pair of semis are bogged down in the dark.

  • A garbage truck flips over on an exit ramp, an operator deals with three accidents in one hour, a pickup truck crashes on train tracks, and driver Julio tries to redeem himself after wrecking his service truck.

  • A car goes through the front of a house for a practice drill, a semi gets stuck in the mud, a tractor trailer with a broken axle gets all fixed up and Bill and Joey head to a tow show in Florida

  • A cement truck tumbles onto its side, a tractor trailer gets wedged under a low-hanging overpass, a dump truck with a busted axle collapses and O'Hare employees deal with some angry customers.

  • The temperature in Chicago may be below freezing, but the wrecks and Bill's temper are heating up! A flatbed carrying tons of cargo ices over, a tractor trailer burns to a char and a semi flies off the road. The new female safety manager Angela butts heads with the O'Hare guys after their dangerous encounters.

  • A blizzard pushes the O'Hare guys over the edge as the recoveries get even riskier. Jameson is challenged by a car that crashes over an interstate guardrail, Dwight is ready to quit after a non-stop slew of wrecks, and the team works into the night on an out-of-control minivan as passing cars put their lives in peril.

  • Joey and Tony must rescue a massive crane from a ravine, a three-car smash-up leaves Jorge and Jeff with their hands full and the crew has to clean up a 30,000 pound truck spill in the middle of the night before morning rush hour.

  • A driver wraps a car around a pole, a semi full of paper gets stuck in the mud on some railroad tracks, an overloaded dump truck takes a spill, and Bill's daughters show him who's boss.

  • As tensions rise in the shop and on the highways, Joey and Dwight deal with a bottomed-out 88' tandem trailer blocking rush-hour traffic under the Kennedy Expressway.

  • In the series premiere, a 25-ton garbage truck is taken out by a pothole, an SUV crashes into a tractor trailer, a massive excavator gets dumped into the street, and a drunk driver hurtles into a ditch.

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